Cash Organizer


Full functionality of Cash Organizer without limitation.

Strong encryption

Encryption is used when you sync the data with the online account and in the management of the shared accounts. A 256-bit key is used to secure the data, what ensures the complete protection from unauthorized access to your cloud account, or on a local device.

Access control to
shared accounts

A possibility to fine-tune of access rights to shared accounts provides a full control over the budget. Assign users full rights to manage accounts or restricting access to "read-only" or "add-only" and set time frame for transaction editing.

Unlimited structure of
categories and projects

Create an unlimited number of subcategories and subprojects, structuring financial operations and budget of the company for your convinience. Cash Organizer Premium allows to bring order even in the most complex system, making the structure of the project clear and evident.

Detailed planning

Each participant can plan their income and expenditure in the shared system. This makes it possible to consolidate the accounts of the company, branch offices and individual employees into a single structure, as well as to predict the financial situation in the future and to allocate the budget efficiently, avoiding cash shortages.

  Functions Free Premium

Encryption of shared accounts in the cloud with a password

No Yes

Number of subcategories and subprojects

Up to 5 No limits
Detailed planning

Exchange of scheduled payments via shared accounts

No Yes
Additional control of access rights to shared accounts

Possibility to restrict user access to "read-only" or "adding" payments

No Yes

Start working on a new project with Cash Organizer Premium, and you will see how it is convenient.

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