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Cash Organizer is the accuracy and practicality in personal finance. Unlimited opportunities for financial management, we combined with seamless synchronization with banks (more than 2000 banks). Monitor together the total family expenses or even the finances of a small company!
Use the 19-year experience of Cash Organizer in the field of personal finance.

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Cash Organizer synchronizes with mobile devices based on iOS and Android, as well as Windows and Mac operating systems. In addition, you can always access your data through a browser.


Systemize the structure of all income and expenses. Multi-level grouping of projects and categories, the use of additional tags - all this will help to consider all the nuances of your accounts and provide quick access to any financial transaction.


Control a joint budget with partners, investors and employees. There is no need to configure the local network or purchase additional software. Simply create an account and add the participants - Cash Organizer will provide a comfortable working environment for each partner.


Reports with possibility to filter by category, project, tags and accounts will help to effectively manage cash flows, identifying wasteful spending and profitable directions.

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