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Do you like precision and practicality in your finances, but do not want to waste a lot of time on expenditure record? Then Cash Оrganizer is just what you need. We have fitted unlimited opportunities of finance management into a clear and convenient interface; that is why the programme is suitable for both simple expenditure accounting and complex financial systems. Do not limit yourself, and become more successful together with Cash Оrganizer!

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Systematize the structure of any income and expenditure. Multi-layer grouping of projects and categories, using additional tags – all this will help you take into account any details and will provide a quick access to any financial operation.


An opportunity to have a cost-sharing account opens up new possibilities for financial control.
Whether it is a family budget, or any other cost sharing, you will always be able to track down expenses of the other participant. All you need to do for it is create a new account in the programme and add a required user to it.


Reports with a possibility of filtering according to category, projects, tags and accounts allow managing any financial flow efficiently, detecting irrational expenditure and profitable directions.

Access 24/7 from any device

Cash Оrganizer synchronizes with mobile devices based on iOS and Android, as well as Windows and Mac operating systems. Besides, you can always get access to your data through a browser.

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