Cash Organizer team is attentive to the security, because we understand - it's about your personal and financial data.


Bank security level

We reserve the entire bank security level: entering the user name and password, SMS password or other facilities of protection of your bank.


No input of personal data

We do not need your personal data. We work only with numbers, Cash Organizer user is depersonalized for us. We do not store your login and password at the server, they are saved on your phone in an encrypted form.


Your data is under reliable protection

We use a certificate of world leader in protection of confidential information Thawte SSL Web Server with EV. The Thawte SSL certificate is a digital identity applications that confirms that the exchange of data between the user application and Cash Organizer server is made by a trusted secure channel.


This type of Thawte SSL Web Server with EV confirms the reliability of the company and that the Cash Organizer server is being regularly verified and guarantees the protection of confidential information from users via SSL-encryption up to 256 bit.



To connect to the bank's server and obtain the financial information we use technology provided by Salt Edge ( The technology allows to obtain financial data in read-only mode. The safety of technology is confirmed by certificate PCI DSS *



Nobody will be able to use your accounts

Financial accounts of Cash Organizer are read-only. The system can not manipulate the information of your bank accounts. Cash Organizer does not store your personal data, which are necessary for hackers to identify you, such as personal data, addresses, phone numbers or other contact information. If the user decides to delete the account, Cash Organizer will erase all data from the system.

If you used the option to not store passwords on your device, your entered data is transferred directly to the bank server and not saved on a server of Cash Organizer or Salt Edge.


Data encryption

Cash Organizer uses an asymmetric encryption algorithm. This ensures the security of data transmitted via the Internet using our service. This algorithm allows you to hide sensitive data such a way that external sources were not able to visualize it or manipulate it. Most providers of online services using asymmetric encryption algorithm for confidentiality of customer data. We make serious efforts to ensure the security of your financial information. We are taking security arrangements based on the latest technologies and methods, as described below. We offer 3 levels of security to protect your financial information:


1. All entered data is sent and stored in encrypted form. Password known only to you, it is not transmitted through the Internet channels, and is not stored on the local computer or cloud server. Thus, even getting physical access to the data on the server - the attacker would not be able to decrypt and use them.


2. All encrypted data is stored on Google's servers, which ensures a high degree of protection against hacking.


3. Exchange information with the server takes place over a secure HTTPS protocol, that means encrypted even at the transport channel, preventing attempts to intercept the data during transmission.


The discovery of vulnerabilities

In case of detection of vulnerabilities of any kind, we suggest you to report them at Do not disclose information about the vulnerabilities in public, and do not pass information to third parties.


* More about PCI DSS