Part 2. Accounts & Transactions


This window contains a list of all accounts, allows switching between them and notifies you of scheduled transactions that are due.

Accounts are intended for keeping track of the money you possess or expect to spend. Each account can contain some initial funds and list of the related transactions. An example of such a list is a bank account statement for a certain period.

Various types of account can be created. You can open accounts showing:

  • Various forms of monetary assets (cash, bank account, credit card, etc.);
  • Names of your employees to whom you are supposed to transfer salaries;
  • Names of the companies you deal with, etc.

Entering a new transaction

To initiate a new transaction, select New transaction in Transactions mode. An appropriate window will be opened.

As soon as you start typing in the Payee field, Cash Organizer starts filtering the payee list. If you select a payee from the list, transaction properties will be filed out with data from memorized transaction.

Cash Organizer also allows making compound transactions (splits). A split is a transaction where you break up a transaction into parts. For example, if you are recording your paycheck, but this month you also got a bonus, you can make that a single transaction with two parts.

Note. To create a money transfer, select an account you want to transfer funds to in the Category list, you will find all accounts at the end of the list.